How to Check if Domain is Correctly Pointed

This tutorial summarizes the most common ways how you could check and verify whether or not the domain is correctly pointed towards your host in terms of its DNS settings.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Registered and active domain name
  • Active hosting account

Option 1 — Checking if the domain resolves to your host’s IP address correctly

When troubleshooting your domain’s unavailability check whether or not the domain is resolving into any IP address. The best way to do this is to use widely used ‘ping‘ command in your console. It will not only check if the domain is resolving, but it will also show you its current IP address (A record).

Here you can find a separate guide how you could use ping command to check whether or not your domain is pointing to the correct DNS A record (IP address):

  • Checking domain A record value using computer console

Option 2 — Checking domain’s nameservers

If your host specifically asks you to point the domain to certain nameservers, you will most likely not be presented with the A record values. You may use one of the following options in order to check if the domain’s nameservers are setup correctly:

  • Checking domain nameservers while using local computer consoleWith this guide, you will be able to check your domain’s nameservers while only using your the console tools integrated in your computers operating system.
  • Checking domain nameservers while using whois lookup websitesThis option is also viable if you are more comfortable using the browser instead of console commands. This guide will also familiarize you with the meaning of domain WHOIS records


After finishing this tutorial, you will take the first step towards better understanding of domain’s DNS records, more specifically A and NS values. This knowledge will definitely help you when you find yourself trying to troubleshoot certain domain’s unavailability or if the domain starts showing wrong content.

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